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Explore America?

  • Explore America, as it was originally known, has since changed its name to Education First, was started more than 50 years ago. 

    The story begins with a single teenager who discovered first-hand the power of experiential learning. This opened his eyes and changed his life forever.

    It was 1960 and Swedish student Bertil Hult had spent years struggling with dyslexia. Unsure of his future, he moved to London for work. After only a few short months, he became fluent in English—a feat he never thought would be possible due to his learning disability. That discovery inspired Bertil to launch Education First (EF) in 1965—a company built on experiential learning practices that included cultural immersion and authentic connections. This experience is at the core of the educational philosophy for EF.


    As EF now celebrates their 50th anniversary, Bertil and his family continue to lead EF. Through the years they  have helped millions of people and become the world leader in international education by focusing on one global mission:

    Opening the World Through Education

    "As Fairview Schools leader for EF, this will be my 1th year in charge of Explore America.  We use to go on a trip every other year, but then the classes became too large, so we started taking the juniors every year and that made their senior year a little less hectic. This is an all-inclusive trip for the students so there is nothing they have to pay for on the trip except personal trinkets or souvenirs. Any junior is allowed to go, as long as they want to put in the time and effort to help raise the money. We go every March and we travel to Washington D.C. and New York City.  With this program, participants can travel anywhere in the world but I feel that every student should see these 2 places at least once in their lifetime.  Many of the kids in our area may never get a chance to experience something like this and it is such a joy to get to be a part of it when they do." - Anndee Taylor

    Our main fundraiser is the duck race that we do over Old Timers Festival in July.  We sell rubber ducks for $20.00 a piece or 6 ducks for $100.00 and then we race them down the canal in Fairview about a quarter mile.  First place winner receives $2000.00, 2nd place receives $1000.00, 3rd place receives $500.00 and the duck that comes in last gets $50.00.  This year we raised over $42,000.  

    Our other fundraisers include all of the concessions for the sporting events at the school, Little Caesars pizzas that we sell in November and cuppuccino week in December.  We have gotten this fundraising business down to a science.   If the students get out there and do what they are supposed to do, they should be able to raise all the money needed for their trip with just these fundraisers.



  •  Silver Ornament

    Silver Bells Ornament to Honor
    Fairview Schools 100 Year Anniversary

    Deb Crossland has been busy all month pouring and molding her design for this year’s Silver Bell ornament, she said.

    This year’s design will feature the popular Noggins design holding the traditional Silver Bell in honor of Fairview’s Christmas celebration.

    “The Silver Bells was started a long time ago,” Crossland said. “Ray Trumpower wanted a festival, and he wanted something Fairview could do for its shops. They decided on Silver Bells.”

    Crossland said she wanted to do something to commemorate the new event. She got together with a friend and decided they would make ornaments. With a knack for pottery, they decided to design and create their own ornaments.

    “That’s when I came out with the very first one,” she said. “It was in the shape of a bell. When it came time again I did another one. It just evolved from there. Ever since then, I’ve always put a bell. It hasn’t always been silver, but it’s always had a bell.”

    She has the design picked out and is in the process of pouring, she said. Her design is based on a series of molds that were called Noggins. They were differently shaped depending on the mold, but most were tear-shaped with faces imprinted upon them. Then, they have hands and feet that you attach with pipe cleaners. Crossland’s Noggins will be holding the bells this year with 1915 on them in honor of Fairview school’s 100th anniversary.

    The price has also gone up this year to $15, Crossland said, to account for a rise in the cost of clay and to help offset the costs of making the ornaments, which take a lot of work. However, a portion of the cost is still going to charity, she added. With the date of the bazaar moved up this year in hopes of fairer weather, she’s in a full-out sprint to finish the ornaments before the deadline.

    “It’s something I Iook forward to,” she said, “until you do 100 to 125. Like right now, I’m panicking. I have some half painted, some poured in the dining room, and I can only cook four at a time.”

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