• Freshman Science Class: Physical Science
    Sophomore Class: Biology
    Junior Class: Chemistry
    Science Electives: Physics and Anatomy/Physiology

    Science Class Rules

    1. Treat people with RESPECT!

    2. BE ON TIME! That means in your desk when the bell rings!

    3. BE PREPARED for class!

    4. Follow LAB SAFETY rules!

    5. Do your PRACTICE!

    6. Ask QUESTIONS if you do not understand a concept in class!

    Consequences of Behavior:

                If you choose to put forth the effort and follow the behavior policies, you should have great success in class. If you choose to not follow the policies and put forth no effort, the following can and will occur:

    1.      One-to-one discussion of appropriate behavior

    2.      Detention (served with me)

    3.      Parent phone call and detention

    4.      Parent conference and detention

    5.      Referral to administration

    *** Severity of issue determines which level of behavior modification is used***

    Grade Policy:

                Grades are figured out by percentage and weighted by three different categories. I do not round grades until the end of the grading period and then only if class participation and hard work are shown. This means that according to my scale, and 89.5% is a B.

    Grade Scale                          Weights

    100-90.0 %=   A                                                                     Test and Quiz= 60%

    89.9-80.0%=   B                                                                     Labs= 30%

    79.9-70.0%=   C                                                                     Classwork/homework= 10%

    69.9-below=   I