Happy Easter

April 6-9 information

  • Journeys Reading: Lesson 27 ("What can you do?") all materials stapled with the refrigerator copy on top to correlate to this story. This week's Spelling City Lessons are in Lesson 27. Complete worksheets that correspond to the story, the sight words, and the spelling words. The "resources for Journeys Reading" link also has materials to reinforce this week's skills. 

    Spelling City: Complete lessons for Lesson 27 then they may play any other games they wish. 

    Prodigy: Students spend 15 minutes per day on this website. This game is aligned to our standards and the kids love it!

    MobyMax: This is a great program but new to the kids. We have been given free access and I want to utilize it. I have included passwords and login information in the packets. The kids will be able to do math and Language that is aligned to the standards. 

    EnVision Math: Complete Topic 13 from 13-1 to the assessment. This can be done with help or at least reading it to your child. Remember to log in and find the corresponding lessons, and videos. This will help introduce the topic and give pages for practice. 

    Remember to read the chapter book I sent for you to read together during this time at home. You should be close to finished by this time and once you do, make sure to take an AR test. Message me on remind and let me know so I can check to see how you did!

    Remember to utilize the links I have under "Interesting web resources". 

    I will be checking Spelling City, MobyMax, and Prodigy to see the kid's progress. 

    If you read all the way to the end. Please message me the word "springtime" on the remind app and I will include another prize in your child's next packet.