Hello Everyone!!!  Here is what I have planned for March 30- April 9.

     Englsh/Language Arts:

     March 30- April 2 Is considered “Lesson 26” for the Reading story. (“The Dot”)  All materials stapled with the refrigerator copy on top correlate to this story.  Similarly, this week’s Spelling City lessons are in Lesson 26. Please complete the online assignments.

    Here is the link to "The Dot" online story:          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjLYJMVDoLk

     Also: Open the “Phonemic Awareness” page on this site. I have phonemic awareness  videos for each day of week 26 . They are only 5 minutes long, but very important for our reading!

     April 6-9 Reading materials correlate with the story “What Can You Do?” .  They are stapled together with the lesson 27 refrigerator copy. Please finish the Spelling City assignments online for Lesson 27.

     Continue with the Phonemic Awareness videos, watching week 27, days 1-4.

    Here is the link to the "What Can You Do?" Online story:        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoqLUDt4-S4

     I’ve also included what we call “morning papers” ….math place value color sheets and the papers numbered 124, 126, 127, 128, 129.  This is for March 30-April 9



     March 30- April 2: Continue doing Xtramath and Prodigy online.  Finish Topic 12 lessons and practice sheets. (Focus on the pages labeled “independent practice” and “homework”.)

    Remember to utilize the resources in “EnVision Learning'' link on my teacher page. 


     April 6-9:  Continue doing Xtramath and Prodigy online. Topic 13: Telling Time to the Half Hour.  Finish Topic 13 lessons and practice sheets, focusing on the pages labeled “independent practice” and “homework”.  Remember to utilize the resources in “EnVision Learning” link on this teacher page. (Use the link above.  Username: jdanielson@fschool.org  Password: gradeone1)

    I have links for two fun telling time sites on my Interesting Web Resources page. Stop the Clock is always a fan favorite.

     I’ve also included some number sense materials.  They are clipped together- a flower craft, 120 chart, rekenrek activities, Spring Bunny Bump…..use the math manipulatives in the bag and write and erase folder for these activities.



    You’re a super hero!!