Research Project-Play and Literacy

  • Parents/Guardians! 
    After looking over this information, I have a very short 3 question survey I would love for you to take, if you are able to! 

    I have gathered some information for my revised research project! My original goal was to redesign our dramatic play area into a Post Office theme! Since I am unable to do that, I am going to share some resources for families about literacy and play. For the kiddos, I will be posting some more story time videos and other videos related to post offices! I have LOVED seeing the kids write post cards and draw pictures for their friends during this time! It has been fun to play the role of the mailman! :) 

    One of my goals that I was going to focus on was handwriting. The kids have seemed to have an interest in writing more the past couple of months and I thought this would be a great way! 

    "Emergent writing skills, such as the development of namewriting profiency, are important predictors of children's future reading and writing skills" (National Center for Family & Literacy 2008; Puranik & Lonigan 2012).

    The article linked below talks about promoting emergent writing and the different stages of emergent writing:
    Promoting Preschoolers Emergent Writing

    Play helps children learn cognitive skills such as problem solving and decision making. Language and literacy are also strengthened during play. Through interactions with others, children will build social and emotional skills. They learn to collaborate with one another and be able to talk about their emotions. Check this article out about how play effects children's development:
    Play and Learning

    Check out these short videos on dramatic play and literacy!
    Importance of Play 
    Values of Dramatic Play
    Early Literacy in Play