* Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    * Four on the floor! 

    * Only eat or drink during a science lab if Mrs. Tjelde specifically tells you it is okay

    * Clean up after yourself 

    * Report bullying 

    * Report suspicious behavior

    * Respect yourself and others around you.

    * Ask for permission to leave your seat. 

    * Use Manners 

    * Be honest

    * Only use supplies in classroom with teacher permission. 

    * Sit up in your seat – keep your head up to pay attention.

    * Chew gum – but keep it in your mouth!

    * Cover your textbooks

    * Be on time, in your desk, and ready for class (book open, pencils sharpened and ready, etc) when the bell rings   

    * Turn in your work on time and in the correct folder

     * If you know you are going to be absent , get your make-up work ahead of time

    * If you were absent and didn’t know ahead of time, pick up your make-up work in the office

    * Try your hardest and ask for help if you need it!