I Love My Schedule

This Schedule is the Best

  • Principal's Schedule

    7:40 ish--Arrive at School

    7:40-8:00--Get Coffee and Check Email

    8:00-9:00--Talk to Mr. Swearinger

    9:00-10:00--Bother students in their classrooms

    10:00--11:00-Bother teachers

    11:00-11:13--Sign Papers

    11:13-12:00--Early Lunch

    12:00-1:00--Actual Lunch

    1:00-2:30--Act like i am working

    2:30-3:15--Wonder halls aimlessly

    3:15-3:30--Think about going home

    3:30-3:37--Check on students

    3:37-3:50--Bother students again.

    3:50-4:30--plan schedule for tomorrow.

    (This is just a made up schedule for the purpose of an example and does not reflect the actual schedule of any principal.)