Otto von Bismarck

    “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

    ― Otto von Bismarck

    The expectation in this class is for students to learn the Montana State Standards for Social Studies.  The classes I will be teaching this year will require a certain profundity that may seem difficult at first.  This is the natural process of things and failure is always a great way to learn.  Curiousity is certainly the best predictor of your success in the classroom and in any future challenges.  Some parts of the material we cover may be controversial, but being respectful of the opinions of others is essential for the learning process.  Even if arduous or difficult at times, the reward will help you be successful in future classes and the challenges you face in life.  I want all students to be successful in everything they do.  Your involvement is essential, so my expectation is for you to be ready for class, so that we can work together for your success. 

    Montana Social Studies Standards: