• Notice
    Fairview School Districts 3 & 13 have an open position on the Board of Trustees.
    MCA 20­3­309 says: Whenever a trustee position becomes vacant in any district, the remaining members of the trustees shall declare the position vacant and they shall appoint, within 60 days, a competent person as a successor. If the trustees do not make the appointment within the 60­day period, the county superintendent shall appoint. A person assuming a trustee position shall serve until the next regular school election.

    Any resident of Fairview School District interested in fulfilling the trustee term, may send a letter informing the Board of their interest. Please mail or drop off at the High School office in care of Julie Asbeck, Board Clerk by May 7, 2020 5:00 pm. PO Box 467 Fairview, MT 59221