• Winter weather is upon us and there is some information you should be aware of.  Although we know that winter storms make us anxious about the safety of our children, please know that your child’s safety & well being is our first priority.


      Once the decision has been made for school to be canceled, postponed, or released early due to weather, this information will be announced immediately on AM 660 KEYZ or FM 93.1 KGCX.  In addition to these two radio stations, information regarding changes because of inclement weather will be available in a few other places.

    • Front page of the Fairview School website @ fschool.org.
    • School Facebook page at Fairview Schools Dist. 13&3
    • You may also sign up for the school app and download to your phone. To do this, search in your app store/google play the words Fairview SD 3 & 13 and download it.


     If it is necessary to run buses home early, we will contact every bus student parent to be sure that someone is available to meet the bus at home.  We ask that you PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CALLING THE SCHOOL during these times as it ties up our phone lines, and the proper phone calls cannot be made in a timely manner.


    We assure you NO buses will leave the building until EVERY bus parent has been contacted.  It is crucial we are contacted immediately and updated with any change of demographic information whether you have moved, changed phone numbers etc.    


    We STRONGLY ADVISE all bus parents make arrangements for an EMERGENCY IN TOWN SNOW HOME in case buses are unable to leave. Please contact the school with this information as soon as possible, or email it to dasbeck@fschool.org.


    HATS, GLOVES, WINTER COATS, & SNOW BOOTS ARE REQUIRED Please make sure your children come to school with required cold weather attire!


    Student arrival on school premises IS NOT to be earlier than 7:40 a.m.  If your child comes for breakfast, they may not arrive any earlier than 7:20 a.m. DOORS DO NOT OPEN until these times, and this is when supervision begins.


    All children will be required to go outside for recess and noon break, except in extreme conditions. Extreme weather is defined as air temperature less than zero degrees, or a wind chill lower than negative 10 degrees.  If your child is well enough to be in school, they will be expected to go outside.


    We thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep you children safe this winter season!     




    Thank You,

    Fairview Schools