• Hi!  Thank you for visiting my teacher page.  Let me introduce myself.
    My Family  
    My name is Brandy Tjelde.  Currently, I teach 6th grade Physical Science, 7th grade Life Science, 8th grade Earth Science, English II, English III, and Honors English (my course schedule changes every year so who knows what next year will bring).  I know that English and science seem like an odd combination; however, for me, they are a perfect fit.  One of my favorite hobbies has always been writing (if you are interested in reading about my parenting life, check out jetsmama.blogspot.com) and there is no way I could pick a favorite topic in science if someone asked me to (meteorology, geology, plate tectonics, ecology, Newtonian physics...)!  
    I received my Bachelor of Science from Minnesota State University Moorhead.  While there, I met my husband, Tyler. I taught one year in Detroit Lakes, MN while he finished school and we then moved Fairview, his hometown, to settle down.  During my first year in Fairview, I earned a teaching endorsement in English.  I love school and love learning so after I had a few years of motherhood under my belt and felt like I could tackle graduate school, I started taking both online and summer courses from North Dakota State University.  I earned my Master of Education from NDSU in 2013.  
    Teaching (and correcting) and extra-curricular activities keep me quite busy.  Currently, I am the facilitator for MBI and the 8th Grade and JH Student Council advisor.  I also have two children, Jeffrey (10) and Macy (8) who participate in gymnastics year round.  As is the case with most parents, my life revolves around our activity schedules and I wouldn't have it any other way at this stage in my life. 
    Thanks for visiting!