• Dear Fairview School Community,


    We will Learn.  We will Succeed.  We will make a Difference.  We are WARRIORS!


    WOW!! What a response to learning resource pickup today.  There are very few packets left to gather.  At the K-6 level I believe there are 5 and only 1 left to gather at the 7-12 level.  When starting on a project such as this, I always set expectations as to how many packets will be left over.  Most of the time I usually plan for about 25%. In this case we had nearly a 99% pickup rate.  Getting 99% of a group to come together for one purpose is a miracle feat.  


    Once again thank you to all of the certified staff members that prepared all of the material, all classified staff for gathering and distribution (it was one of the most efficient and accurate efforts I have witnessed) and of course to the families that came in and gathered their learning resources today.  You all deserve a high five.  Well……...maybe a virtual high five.


    1. As we move into the week of March 23-26, all work sent home will be required as part of their 4th quarter and 2nd semester grade.  Please look for additional communications from the staff for additional resources and assistance options.
    2. If it appears a student is missing a resource(s), or something was forgotten at the school, please send an email to your principal.  We may be able to gather the resource you are missing and make it available for pickup. 
    3. Students, please remember that many of the items sent home with you today are property of the district.  Even though these resources are being used in your homes, you will still be responsible for any damage that may occur.  


    Tomorrow we will update students on a proposed class schedule for Monday, March 23, 2020. 


    If you have questions or if we can be of additional assistance please feel free to contact us at any time.