Special Education Services

Mrs. Savage


Hello, my name is Tracy Savage. In 2002, I graduated with a double major in elementary education (K-8th grades) and special education (P-12th grades) from Montana State University-Billings.  I have been working as a high school special education teacher with Fairview Schools for 16 years.  Prior to Fairview, I taught in Missoula, MT as an elementary special education teacher,  JH Title 1-reading teacher and as a 6th grade teacher. 


Fairview Schools is part of the Prairie View Special Services Cooperative. Our co-op offers full special education services. 


 IDEA (the federal law that advocates for and protects students with disabilities) forbids me as a special education teacher, to share information about my students or their programs with anyone, but a chosen few.  This limits what I can post on my webpage, such as classes and lesson plans.