Free and Reduced Lunch

Fairview Schools has enjoyed being able to serve all of our students breakfast and lunch at no cost to families for the past two years. All students have been afforded free meals through the USDA program for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years. Current guidance from the USDA does not allow the school to serve free meals to students in the 2022-2023 school year. The result means all students will need funds on their meal accounts or have been approved for free and reduced meal prices.

We encourage everyone to apply for the Free & Reduced Lunch Program. All families are highly encouraged to fill out the attached free and reduced forms, as you may qualify for free or reduced meal plans.

Participating in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program helps you, and it also helps the school. The more students we have participating in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program, the better chance the school has of qualifying for different essential funding programs.

Applications for the Free & Reduced Lunch Program must be completed each school year. If you are a past recipient, you must reapply each school year. Past recipients must reapply by October 6, 2022 to maintain their free and reduced status.

Please return all completed Free and Reduced Applications to Fairview School, Attn: Julie Asbeck, PO Box 467, Fairview, MT 59221. Automated applications will also be available via PowerSchool when you complete your student’s yearly handbook forms. Paper applications will also be available at the Elementary and High School Offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free and Reduced Meal Application